Monday, December 1, 2014

The Easiest Way to Make Website Traffic

You actually want to get more and more visitors to your website. Some have spent their money on this to buy applications and promotion to make their website most visible to their visitors. Some have developed  attractive contents and useful information for their visitors. If you have limited budget, you can follow the following guideline that may help your website to be traffic.

1) Make sure you write a good title , a good description to make, in fact compel, people to come and see your webpage.

2) When visitors come,dont disappoint them.Have some good content and information so that they consider your site worth visiting. Never break your words.

3) If powerful DIGG users like Kevin Rose DIGG you , then you are very likely to get many many more diggs in the next few seconds. Try that way :)

4) If you have some CMS like a blog or something, there are some mods available for DIGG , Stumble, Technorati and similar kind of buttons.They are very likely to help you.Get them!

5) There is one thing that is often overlooked and that is the time of submission.You should submit your story or webpage at that time when most of your friends are online so that they can DIGG or stumble for you.It is useless to submit when you know that it is going to be buried sooner than later.

At last, I would again repeat, these are “unstable” means of getting traffic.If you want some serious traffic, go for Search Engine Marketing and other practices.  

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