Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How Add Subtitle to Video on VLC Player

Many people may encounter difficulty in understanding of Hollywood movies. Actually, each movie has its own sutitle beside English language like Chinese, Japanese, etc.... Today I am going to show to find subtitle for your movie while you are watching at home. 

1. Looking for Subtitle
After you have video in your computer, but you cannot find subtitle to add to your video. No more difficult. For example, you have a movie titling Penguins of Madagascar 2014 and you need its subtitle to make you understand more about the content. You can go to Google for searching the subtitle, or you can to and type the title of the movie you want to look for. Make sure that you have typed the name of movie correctly.

2. Download Subtitle
After that, you have to find the name of movie the same as you have typed on the search bar, and then click on it. You will see different languages and then just look for what language you want. For example, I need English language, so I need find in English group. To make sure the subtitle is consistent with video, you have to check the title of the movie and it is the same name.

For example, the downloaded movie with the name Penguins.of.Madagascar.2014.720p.
BluRay.x264.YIFY and also have to find the subtitle with the same name and click on it.

And then click on download English subtitle

3. Adding subtitle to Media Player


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