Monday, May 11, 2015

The Top Famous Device of the Last Decade

 If we look back to the top gadgets of the past 10 years, those totally no longer attract you as present electronic devices have mostly met your need. Yet, if you owned those things in 2005, as if you had the most expensive mobile and computer like now. The top devices in the past 10 year as below:


iPod was released in 2005 in which users can store MP3 and images from computer and then Apple had upgraded this iPod to be compatible with video storing.

iBook G4

iBook G4 is a laptop produced by Apple. This laptop was the best-selling in 2005. But it had some problem with its mouse and DVD Rom.

Digital Camera

In the past 10 years, a mini Canon PowerShot A520 was very popular and costed hundreds of dollar.

Game Boy

It was produced by Nintendo and very popular among teenagers. 

DVD Player

In 2005 most people bought this DVD Player whose size is similar to Laptop. It costed around $500 at that time.

Source: Sabay

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